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Open from morning through late evening Barbara Express is Neighborhood Roman- Style pizza al taglio and Bakery, Which opened in  San Francisco’s historic Italian district of North Beach in November 2018, Our mission is of serving top quality coffee, pastries and pizza. We serve healthy food with an emphasis on flavor and quality of ingredients. Everything is made fresh daily from scratch. We serve a large selection of traditional pastries.

Roman-style Pizza al Taglio the lineup changes frequently throughout the day based on availability of locally sourced ingredients. Vegetarian options always available.
Our Flour 100% organic proprietary blend of heritage stone ground flours produced in Italy.             The dough is made from a combination of soy, rice, and heirloom wheat flour, The dough is then left to rise for 48-72 hours, Baked in lower temperature, the result is a thick but light and airy crispy crust rich in natural fiber. the perfect bed for our incredibly fresh and flavorful toppings.                                    We offer Suppli Roman-street food made up of rice and pasta "balls" stuffed with cheeses and meats. As in the neighborhood coffee bars of Rome, the airy interiors are lined with colorful tables for quick on-the-go refueling.  

Find us next door Barbara Pinseria & Cocktail Bar
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Open every day  from 8-10pm

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    427 Columbus Ave San Francisco,CA 94133                                                     

Open every day : 8:00am-10:00pm                                                                                         

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                      Tel: 415.445-3009                             

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